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From what I heard, Juan Mann was very hurt by a breakup. Then, he decided to give free hugs to everyone in his city. What a lovely sentiment. A way to heal!

What a great and human way to express love to the world! Below is his video. Enjoy!

For Free Hugs Experiment video, click here. 

A wonderful book is called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project
There are free audio and pdf sites for this book.

For the paperback version, click here.

In Success Magazine: The Simplicity Issue, you can read, “The Happiest People in the World”, by Dan Buettner. Great article.

Here is his website. Click here.




Marcielle’s Happiness Journal

The purpose of this site is to explore how we can
improve our happiness. 
Please feel free to post your thoughts here and to
share it with friends and loved ones.
Solar Eclipse Caltech Marcielle Aug 21 2017small
Marcielle at Caltech’s Solar Eclipse party where there were probably
a thousand people. 2017.


I LOVE being older. When I was a little girl,
I knew that 60 would be a good age because:

  1. I would know the world better.

  2.  I would know myself better.


  3. I would know how I fit into the world.

In 2016, I meditated to double my income, and my favorite (or favourite, both are correct) campus offered me more classes, and Yes! I DOUBLED my INCOME!!! Wow wow wow!

Lately, (2017), I have been knowing for myself a certain large amount of money entering my life. Every morning, I have been saying to myself, “I have $______ a year.”

This is amazing! My aunt left me a large amount of money. Wow!

Then I meditated again. My former boyfriend who died several years ago, left me a large amount of money. I knew he cared for me, but I had no idea, firstly that he even had that much money, and secondly, that I would even be considered, since we broke up, but were still friends.

To see a video on why Law of Attraction is so valuable, click here.

Please post your happy moments here, and really savor them!

Marcielle singing in Trolley Square in about 1976

Even though I was “poor,” I still obtained my goals. I began to get paying singing jobs. I had a Basic Education grant (which paid for four years of my undergrad degree), because I was the first person in my family to go to college. I had fun and worked hard.

Friends often ask me to meditate (or pray) for them, because they know that sometimes someone else can see our good better than we can, because we don’t have their mental block against it. My friend, Bill tells me, “Marcielle, your prayers really work! Because of your prayers, I got ____ , and ____ happened, Please keep doing it.”

Sometimes we block our own good. One friend asked me to meditate that she find her right mate. I did so every morning. When I saw her again, I said. “I have been meditating for you.”

She said, “Well, it’s not working.”

That was kind of hurtful. I know that she has a major fear of men, because she was terribly hurt and betrayed by her former husband. She is blocking men out of her life subconsciously.

What can we do when we suspect we have a block?
Ask the Universe to open our minds, hearts, and spirits to the possibilities. Ask it to give us the courage to move on.

Oftentimes, it is best to avoid telling anyone what your goals are. I recently took my very close friend to the amazing house for which I am meditating, and she basically told me that I cannot afford it. I could see that she thought I was being unrealistic. 

We are supposed to be unrealistic in our goals. Shoot for the stars and you will at least hit the moon. If you don’t shoot at all, you hit NOTHING!

To watch Protect Your Dream, click here.





The Happiness Gig is here to support all things fun,
happy, and that lead to your increased

We want you to share books, videos, and 
other ideas that can lead 
us all towards 

      To see our first video, click here.
     The visual of Attract Success! is a bit murky, but has some good advice.

Marcielle reading at a friend's soiree.
Marcielle reading at a friend’s soiree.

Here is the first Unhappy Life
video. Click here.
This was created to help those who are abused,
depressed, or just unhappy.
Know that you are loved and that someone is out there
who cares about you.

I had a breakup in 1996 and felt very alone, but
I had to get away from that “guy.” I moved out
around Easter and bought myself an
Easter basket. I left a message on my new
phone saying, “Hi, Honey! I love you.”

That really does work. Try it!

For those who are unhappy, a 
bit of encouragement, click here.

For a little 30-second humor,
click here.

    Friendships are vital to our survival.

STUDIO LIGHT IN PAINT small It is important to be able to work on our own projects, things
we care about. I love writing, and film making. What do you love?

Mar Chaz Zemira at Foxys Aug 2015
  Hi, I am Marcielle.                          My former student and friend, Zemira.

Good friends are sooooo important! Psychologists say that we should have at least
five close friends as our support system.

Gail and Mar
  My friend from my undergraduate days, in the seventies, Gail.

ORANGE TREE  BEST cropped  For me, this tree symbolizes the
bounty of nature and the universe. There really is no scarcity, except that which we
create in our own minds.  “…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” _Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

100_6869 Sylvo on couch clear
Sylvester 2015
MAVERICK BALLET 09My darling Maverick was with me for about 15 years and he lived to be about 18 or so. He sits with a little neighbor cat I call Ballet.

Sylvo carpet head tail2014 APPEARING DAY 1986

My current kitty, Sylvester is such a joy.       Appearing Day circa 1998 or so. She lived to be     See me walk him on a leash by                       23.
clicking here.

Our families and pets are such a source
of joy and comfort.
When I am sad, I hug my kitty.

When the world seems too much for me,
I am so happy to come home, walk my kitty, and
and hug his cuteness!

   For an article on the value of pet ownership, click here.